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LET’S PLAY – Until Dawn

With my Unravel Let’s Play now over I have moved onto a horror game I have been excited to play, Until Dawn. To view the first two episodes of this series you can check out Twisted Tales Studio’s Youtube Channel.


Until Dawn is a cinematic survival horror video game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Sony Entertainment. This game is a PS4 exclusive which was released in August of 2014.

One year after the disappearance of twins Hannah and Beth, a group of eight teenagers return to the ski lodge on Blackwood Mountain. The group is faced with a life-or-death situation when a psychopath begins to terrorize them, and unfortunately for them that is not the only thing they have to worry about. Something strange is happening in the woods, and not everything is as it seems. Can all eight survive until dawn?

I always say that I am particularly attracted to games that have a heavy emphasis on storytelling. Until Dawn is an example of this principal put into overdrive. In Until Dawn actual game play mechanics take a backseat to story. To say this game is cut scene heavy would be an understatement. In the two episodes of my Let’s Play, which are about twenty minutes each, maybe half of the run time is the actual game play. The player can only effect the outcome of the story through a series of choices, quick time events, and exploration in short linear environments. Success in the game depends on making the correct choices in each situation and uncovering clues to the mystery behind the twin’s disappearance.

With the opportunity for player interaction so drastically downplayed, Until Dawn relies heavily on its story and atmosphere. This is where the game shines. The animation is top tier for a new generation console game and it contains some memorable music to set the mood. I have only played the introduction, and I have not yet gotten to the aforementioned ski lodge, but I am already blown away by the environments. I have high expectations for the set pieces I have yet to see.

I say this in the video, but I work in film, and I love horror, so I may actually be the ideal audience for this game. I cannot wait to actually get into the meat of the story.



Comic Book Review: Hack/Slash

Comic Book Review: Hack/Slash

In keeping with my theme of curious, cute and creepy things I bring another (comic) book review. This week I have been binge reading a comic series called Hack/Slash, published through Image Comics. This is a (literal) slasher comic series that all lovers of old school slasher flicks will enjoy.

Hack/slash omnibus cover
Hack/slash omnibus cover

So far I have worked my way through the first two omnibus volumes, and I am pretty much hooked. I am a big fan of old school slasher flicks and creature features like Friday the 13th, Halloween, Alien, etc. If you like those types of movies then you will probably like Hack/Slash.

The basic breakdown of this plot is this: Cassie Hack and her sidekick Vlad are Slasher Hunters. Slashers are evil murderous creatures born when a murder dies and decides he isn’t quite done killing just yet. Slashers come back from the graves as twisted versions of their former selves. To make matters worse they usually come back with some sort of supernatural power, which explains many of the classic baddies returning for a never ending strng of sequels. It is Cassie and Vlad’s jobs to kill them … and make sure they stay dead. There are of course back stories and such, but I don’t want to give too much away.


This series definitely follows the old horror tropes right down to the tad-too-frequent nudity. Ya, even excluding the gore, this is not a safe for work read folks. Main squeeze, Cassie Hack, ends up with her clothes torn off in every issue more or less, and if it is not Cassie it is one of the victims-to-be. Blatant male pandering aside, Hack/Slash does not take itself too seriously, and there are some genuinely funny moments. This is particularly enjoyable for those of us who enjoy a little gallows humor every once in a while. The more lighthearted moments are an excellent tool for balancing out the … well … hacking and slashing.

The main characters of Hack/Slash are solid. Cassie has her moments when you wonder why the heck she keeps walking into obvious traps (and her choice in clothing), but as a whole she is capable of defending herself. When Cassie drops the ball there is always her partner Vlad, who is an obvious nod to big-baddies like Jason and Leatherface. This book makes me genuinely think these two characters are friends that would put their lives on the line for each other.

A nice little bonus of this series are the celebrity cameos that pop up from time to time. Again, I do not want to give too much away, but a certain possessed Good Guy doll may or may not be a featured slasher in this series. Read and find out!

If anyone is looking for good Halloween Season reading I would take a look at this series. Both hilariously self-aware and gut wrenchingly gruesome, I highly recommend these to horror fans.

I will be doing more Halloween reading in the next few weeks! Next up will be Fables and Morning Glories … in no particular order.