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By: Jessie Turk

Life is too short to be ordinary, so I choose to live strange. Here you will find a collection of my adventures working in the film and entertainment industry, my thoughts on horror in various mediums – such as comics and video games – and my adventures in writing horror fiction. If you are the type of person who loves horror movies, games, and comics, then you have come to the right place.

Why not begin your unusual journey with me by checking out my portfolio or my collection of Twisted Tales? Here you will find my ever expanding collection of projects, both fun and frightening.

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About the Author

Author Self Portrait
The Early Years

I started out my journey into madness as that weird art kid in the class. My two favourite pass times were writing stories, and designing characters for said stories. By the time I entered high school I had filled at least a dozen sketchbooks with ideas.

From the beginning I drew a lot of my inspiration from horror movies and comics, which I discovered at an age that most would consider quite young. I was particularly interested in stories which had their roots in the classic Brother’s Grimm tales, as well as folklore.


I attended college at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, and graduated from Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Props and Prosthetics. Throughout these years, all of my projects have incorporated elements of classic fairy tales, such as witches, and the mischievous and sinister origins of fairies.

Since graduating I have worked professionally in film and television in the Greater Toronto Area. I have contributed to a number of kid’s TV shows, and more recently have begun working in post production on feature films.

My CV Includes:
  • The Stanley Dynamic (TV, 2015) – Costume Assistant (Volunteer)
  • Odd Squad (TV, 2015) – Costume/Prop Builder
  • Damien (TV, 2016) – VFX Production Assistant
  • Heroes: Reborn (TV, 2016) – VFX Production Assistant
  • Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter (Feature Film, 2017) – Stereo Production Coordinator
  • Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Feature Film,  2017) – Stereo Production Coordinator
  • Preacher Season 2 (6 episodes TV, 2017) – VFX Production Coordinator

While film is my day job, I have also kept up with my writing over the years. I have written articles and blog posts for a number of websites. Topics of these articles include: gaming news, movies, VFX and special FX. My works of fiction can be found here on my website under Twisted Tales. The first of my stories to be published in print will be part of Group Hex Vol 2 this fall so stay tuned!


Jessie T.

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