30 Day Art Challenge

The Art Challenge

Welcome everyone to the 30 day art challenge!

So here is a new chapter in another book of promises I am probably going to kick myself for making. This time though, it is actually to a sort of purpose. I have been in a bit of a funk lately. Due to events in both my professional and personal life, I find my confidence is a little shaken, and as a result I am having an exceedingly difficult time sticking to timelines and finishing projects. Now, I won’t get in to details about that because I don’t want my blog to be about negative things, but I do want to figure out a way to turn things around and get the creative juices flowing again.

Part one of my game plan was to begin making Let’s Plays in order to encourage myself to be more open and expressive. I am fairly introverted, so this was a big deal for me. Now that I am getting comfortable with that it is time to move on to step two.

Part two is to make art for myself again and maybe actually enjoy myself. Thus I came up with the idea for my personal 30 day art challenge.

The challenge goes as thus: Make at least one piece of art every day for 30 days.

Now keep in mind that my degree is technically in craft and design, so these art pieces may not necessarily be drawing and painting. Art projects for me may also include needle craft, sculpting, digital painting and other activities. Some days might be more labor intensive than others depending on my schedule, but the point is to make something.

This list will be random, using inspiration from other 30 day challenge lists on the internet, but with a bit of a twist to make it my own. Many of these challenges will, of course, be weird, geeky or creepy. I have to stay true to myself!

I will be posting all the artwork daily on my instagram, as well as doing periodic vlogs on my youtube channel. Please follow along with me!

If anyone is reading and wants to join in the challenge with me feel free! Please comment, tag or tweet me with your projects. I would really love to see them!

The 30 Day List

  1. Self Portrait
  2. Scenery
  3. Love
  4. Tattoo
  5. Skeleton
  6. Microscopic
  7. Anatomy
  8. Fungi
  9. Hate
  10. Comic
  11. Movie
  12. Magic
  13. Invertebrate
  14. Weapon
  15. Surreal
  16. Bugs
  17. Fairy Tale
  18. Family Portrait
  19. Plants
  20. Teeth
  21. Living Dead
  22. Something Sharp
  23. Hybrid Animal
  24. Music Lyrics
  25. Tarot
  26. Zodiac
  27. Wings
  28. Apocalypse
  29. Children’s Toys
  30. In Water
  31. BONUS ROUND: You’re Done!




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