Monster Booty and Feather Factory

Fan expo is fast approaching and I still feel as though there is so much to do! We have been making feather plugs and hand sewing fur for days.

The body of the monster is finally coming along well. It is best appreciate from a side view because I just can’t get enough of that booty! This bodacious body is made entirely of 3/4 inch foam and hooping wire. The actor will be strapped into the legs first and then side into the body from the bottom.

dat ass though
dat ass though

To give our big hairy beast a bit more bounce when he moves, we have opted to give him millions of feather hair plugs on his head and body. This is a common trick used by puppet makers to help their puppets look more animated. If you look at many of the muppets or the fraggles you’ll see many of them have dyed ostrich feathers incorporated in the design. This is a long tedious process that involves dying feather boas and then cutting them up so that the feathers can be glued together in little tufts.

I have literally spent the last two days straight sitting with a hot glue gun and gluing together feathers about 5 at a time. I credit my skills in knitting for my infinite patience that has helped me through this week.As a result of this project I am also shedding ruined ostrich feathers everywhere I go. The way these feathers stick to my clothes, it is almost as  bad as working with carving Styrofoam.

Just one day of work is shown in the buckets above, and we need to fill those buckets to have enough for this monster! Oh dear. Something tells me we will be at this for a while. Just a hunch.

When the buckets are filled with feathers the process does not get less time consuming. Each little tuft of five feathers must be manually plugged into the fur by cutting a tiny hole into the fabric. Each plug is then placed in the hole and secured with fabric glue. Repeat a few hundred times until your monster is sufficiently feathery and fabulous.

FanExpo is so close now I have jitters just thinking about it! If any of my readers are in the area you should totally come by and say hello!



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