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Our FanExpo monster continues along its long road to completion with Labor Day weekend looming ever closer in the horizon.

Face Cast in Silicone
Face Cast in Silicone

I thought I would take this moment to share a special moment of seeing the first pull of the monster face cast for our fury monster.For those of you joining me for the first time, a small group of students in my class were commissioned by the school to work on display pieces for Sheridan’s booth at FanExpo 2014. My teacher only specified that he wanted a large furry bear-like monster to walk around at the convention, and it was my job to draw up the concept art for this project. The original sculpture for this face was a tag team effort between myself and my classmate Carson.

The molding and casting was done by our TA Aprile, and she even put on a first layer of colour to give us an idea of what the final flesh tone will look like. We started off with cool colours, and the warmer flesh tones will be added over top later. We didn’t want him to be too tan toned right away because his fur is caramel.

The beak was cut off of the original sculpt and cast separately. In this photo is the first version pulled in bone coloured acrylic for a nice translucent effect. We are currently debating adding a little colour to the beak as well. Some darker tones will likely be dry brushed on for a little depth.

The body is underway as well, although it doesn’t look like much since he is still a million little pieces. The structural part of the under suit is made up of 3/4 inch foam and hooping wire typically used for corsets and big dress skirts. You can actually kind of see the random pieces of foam in the mirror in the background of this picture. You can’t miss it as it is bright yellow. When everything is glued together and reinforced it will have to be patterned for a skin as well (I’ve never patterned something this complicated from scratch before, ahhh!). The the endless hand sewing will begin. There is nothing like sitting on the classroom floor sewing, gluing and leather working together.

We are actually doing two sets of legs: one normal set, and one set made for stilts. The attach like a belt separately from the body and then the actor will slide into the body from underneath. With the stilts and ears included this guy will stand around eight feet tall, which will be eye catching at the convention I am sure.

I will continue to post updates as they become available. This early in the game there really is not much that is recognizable as a monster. His body actually looks like something more akin to a large yellow jellybean at the moment. Once the fur and the cowl/face are complete it will look far more impressive.

If any of my readers are in the Toronto Canada area, I encourage you to come out to the convention! Giant furby-monster aside, FanExpo is a good time for pretty much everything nerdy.

Jessie Mc

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