Bennie the Rat Puppet

Welcome back to more puppet fun!Today I would like to introduce Bennie the Rat Puppet to the world. Despite being a rat this guy is actually quite an honest fellow. He enjoys long walks in the countryside, and snuggling up with some cheese and wine to watch some movies. Ladies, he is single, but please no pushing! He can be a shy boy when it comes to crowds.

During my few weeks of absence I actually made 3 different puppets. All of my puppets will get their own post in the coming days.

Though this guy did not take me the longest to complete (that honor goes to Mister Turtle) he has the most complicated body construction of the 3 puppets. This guy comes complete with a rolled lip and dowel “arm bones” to give him a bit of structure (no Kermit noddle arms here). He is also sporting a cute little rat tail, though I regret to say I neglected to get a picture of his cute little tush.

Bennie the Rat
Bennie the Rat

Fun features of this puppet include fully poseable hands, two hand rods that are actually the same size (sorry Mr. Turtle), and eyes that rattle because they are googley eyes I painted with black nail polish. Depending on my wine intake he also dances and sings karaoke.

I made the mistake of sizing him to my dainty little hand. In this photo shoot this is the only puppet in which I am the puppeteer because my fiance could not fit his hand in the puppet’s head. I can just hear my pottery teacher in the back of my head giving me heck for making cup handles that could only fit my fingers comfortably. Oh well, I suppose that means I get to keep this guy all to myself.

Hansom mug
Handsome mug

The fur for this puppet was provided by my teacher. Bennie is the first of my puppets where I have experimented with trimming. I didn’t want his face and his hands to get lost in a sea of fluff, so I spent the better part of a day giving this little guy a hair cut. It was interesting to discover that under the main top coat of the fur this guy is actually spotted. His guy is sporting some super cute little polka dots due to the weaving of the lighter fur in the under-coat, which actually kind of works for him.

Another, more unpleasant, discovery I made while trimming this guy is the fact that this fur apparently sat in a warehouse collecting dust for a while before it ended up on my puppet. Cutting the fur released all the little dust bunnies which aggravated my allergies. This makes Bennie the first puppet to officially try to kill me by suffocation.

I am excited to have this body pattern stashed away with my sewing stuff because this is overall a very general body shape. Making small changes to the ear, tail and fur could turn this guy into any number of critters. I’ve already had a thought that this body might make a good wolf, or maybe even a super chubby dragon puppet. Thoughts for later in my ever growing to-do list I suppose.

So this is puppet 2/3, and he is by far the most cuddly.


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